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revving up retail
Challenge: Five years ago, UNIQLO, didn't sell product online. They preferred to build loyalty "in-store". That said, their 42nd Street store had no way to track their customers. To develop a consumer loyalty program, they needed email addresses. Thousands of them.

 An in-store game called Wonderqube. 100 "Qubes". 100 mystery prizes. Everything from a year's worth of socks to a $5,00 shopping spree. Mobile registration made it simple to enter. The campaign was so successful, it is used bi-annually at UNIQLO stores across the world.
The Wonderqube in-store promotional video

Videos, signage and digital display promoted the game throughout the store. Squirrelmail registration made it easy to sign up on the spot.

The Wonderqube promotion was so successful, it is now being used bi-annually at every UNIQLO store in the US and Asia.