share the wonder
share the wonder
Challenge:  The Atlantis brand was in a bad place. A high ticket price, and "you are not worthy" marketing was limiting booking reservations and holding back profit potential. Then, the crash hit, the travel industry fell through the floor, and suddenly there was an urgent need for a change.

Solution:  The "Share the Wonder" campaign shifted the brand from hi-end luxury to family-friendly getaway. It increased bookings by 16% and helped the brand through the great recession.

Broadcast was led by a friendly song to invite the whole family.

NY Times full page ads offered the promise of Wonder, paired with the enticement of hard-hitting retail.

We redesigned everything from signage and maps, to key cards and “do not disturb” door hangers.

All-inclusive, multi-night offers with meal plans and suddenly, Atlantis was competing and winning again.