don't forget the KY
Challenge: Gay intimacy is not an easy subject for mass market advertising - particularly for Johnson & Johnson, the conservative "family values" company that sells KY. For over 30 years, J & J  had never talked directly to the gay market. Not surprisingly, KY sales were starting to slip.

Solution: All of the brand's equity was tied to their two letters. A playful game turned heads and got the messaging to stick. The "Don't Forget" campaign ran in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In essence, it was KY's coming out party.

In today's OK Cupid/Tinder/Grinder world... Intimacy can occur whenever you want it to. J&J needed gay consumers to keep KY Ultra Gel top of mind.

Dual-sided bus shelters and strategic use of tandem billboards turned our marketing message into a playful game everyone could enjoy.