miracle-gro  |  it's gro time!
jumpstarting Spring
Challenge:  Miracle-Gro is a seasonal brand with a narrow sales window. Annual earnings can take a pounding if the country has a few too many rainy weekends in the Spring.

Solution:  The "It's Gro Time" campaign was designed to jumpstart Spring sales. The campaign ran for three years, and built awareness while simultaneously launching new products. Home Depot credited the campaign with boosting overall store sales the first Summer.

The website let visitors use navigation for a guided journey, or scroll thru myriad tiles to find a project that caught their fancy. Overall, products took a backseat to creativity.

Broadcast was a combination of creativity and can-do. Spots featured the joy of getting your hands dirty and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Print work took on a bolder, younger attitude. Miracle-Gro was no longer the brand for "old ladies in sunhats tending victory gardens"