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attention masochists
attention masochists
The Brand:  The lifestyle of the G-Shock user is a very painful one. Their pastimes - skateboarding, mountain biking, backyard wrestling - often result in bodily injury. Not that they seem to care.

The Campaign:  To connect with these pain-desensitized thrill seekers required a fresh tone, a little humor and a lot of blunt force honesty. The watches took whatever these masochists dished out. So, with a modern spin on the old Timex "Licking / Ticking" promise, "YOUPROOF" was born.

The campaign celebrated the "scars as merit badges" lifestyle with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Blocky headlines collided with falling bodies. YOUPROOF was both a promise and a taunt.

Kicking it up a notch, the HURTKU competition was introduced. Because the only thing our audience likes better than a good injury is sharing said injury with friends.