sin goes social
sin goes social
Challenge:  HBO needed to generate buzz for the 6th season of True Blood, but the show had long since "jumped the shark" and fans had grown tired of Sookie and her fellow Bon Temps denizens.

Solution:  At its heart, True Blood was a guilty pleasure. So we created "Bad Things", a customized tumblr site where TB fans uploaded naughty confessions (onsite or with #mybadthing on twitter) to generate personalized "trubie" posts. The result? Over 20,000 posts in the first month. And True Blood had its strongest launch in three years.

Fans uploaded their confessions on the site or through twitter at #mybadthing to create custom "trubie" posts.

Being naughty is contagious. The site generated over 20,000 custom posts in the first month. Sharing spread the fun even further.

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