the belonging imperative
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Challenge:  With the rise of intolerance and discrimination in our nation, companies are increasingly voicing a strong and affirmative perspective around diversity and inclusion. As a recognized leader in D&I, EY (formerly Ernst & Young) had an opportunity to lead by example. 

Solution:  "The Belonging Imperative" is an initiative to take D&I to a deeper, richer, more proactive place. To move past mere inclusion towards a state of universal welcoming and genuine appreciation for what our individual attributes can add to the whole.

Long-form videos introduced us to unique employee stories

Social posts took a bold stance at challenging the current dynamic. Simply put, good enough was no longer good enough.

Experiential challenged employees to find better ways to appreciate their coworkers. “Better Boxes” reframed the subject with a simple online quiz. The reward? A custom tee that offered a new way for employees to see each other.