top of the heap
top of the heap
Challenge: Every year the American Heart Association runs the “Wall Street Run and Heart Walk”, and thousands of New Yorkers show up for a good cause. But for the last five years, participation and donations have been on a steady decline.

Solution: "New York, New York". The theme song for every competitive New Yorker. The lyrics became a rallying cry for the city's spirit of kicking butt and taking names. Coupled with a Saul Bass Graphic style to make it unmissable, business leaders and everyday New Yorkers rose to the occasion.
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The lyrics became headlines. The headlines became a rallying cry... to be a participant, a challenger, a winner. To show all of New York what you were made of.

The microsite - as well as cheeky emails and elevator videos to top industry execs  - playfully encouraged all to out-donate their peers. 

Projections in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens challenged residents to support their borough's local runner by texting a donation of $5. 

Company emails brought the challenge down to co-workers. A cheap tee shirt and a year's worth of bragging rights.