uniqlo |  lucky break
hack a kinect. hijack a mall.
hack a kinect. hijack a mall.
Challenge:  UNIQLO was expanding in the US, where at the time they only had five locations. They wanted to start with a relaunch of a store in the Westfield NJ mall, where they had failed a few years earlier. To succeed, the "uninitiated" needed to experience UNIQLO's playful and unique sensibility.

Solution:  We created a month-long in-mall event. Lucky Break is an interactive game utilizing Kinect technology. Wearing virtual cartoon fists, the player has one minute to "box" and collect as much swag as they can. The game was so successful, it has been used at over 40 store launches in the US and Asia.

A case study on the Lucky Break promotion.

Players signed up - right in the mall - using a simple Squirrelmail mobile registration. Over 800 people played every day, all month long.

People of every age showed up. Scores were posted to facebook and twitter instantly, where players could challenge their friends.

The Lucky Break promotion has since been used to launch 17 new stores in the U.S., as well as another 28 stores across Asia.