Blistex presents
share the pain
Challenge:  Sales were going down on Blistex Medicated Ointment, which already had low awareness in the under 30s target. Add to this a tight promotional budget of 350k, all-in, including media.

Solution:  "Blistex Presents", a microsite with animated shorts focused on lip pain. The flash-based site was kept lo-tech. Videos were easily shareable online. The client was so pleased, they purchased extra media to run some of the shorts in-theatre.

The website featured navigation by usher flashlight. Visitors could watch mini-movies, learn "Lip Facts", and find out about Blistex Medicated Ointment.

A parachutist experiences a "Plummet o' Pain"

Two actors endure "Endless Love"

Casual dining becomes a "Four Alarm Feast"

"Slap-Happy Aristocrats" defend their honor

A snowman delivers justice in "The Carrot Incident"