social, readymade
Challenge:  HBO was looking for a long-term way to gain more social share. To get beyond "water cooler chats" about last night's episode. To be culturally "of the moment". The good news: HBO's rich history of programming covered the modern life experience. Their characters could be cultural ambassadors.

Solution:  A library of pre-selected "HBO moments", built from their extensive programing history, to align with any cultural event that day. Whomever made the news - Putin, Palin or Puff Daddy - HBO was ready. #HBOhappens proved however crazy, HBO had already been there and done that.

When April 15th rolled around
and taxes were due, Larry was
there to sympathize.

When Mitt lost the election,
Kenny was ready with helpful advise.

When Reese had a little
run-in with the law, Zach was
there to console her.