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repositioning a category
repositioning a category
Challenge: Lawn enthusiasts want to use fertilizers, but feel guilty about secondary enviromental issues. Because of this, the fertilizing category had been in a slow but steady decline for years.

Insight: A healthy lawn stores water better than an unfed lawn.

Solution: Shift the consumer messaging from "are you feeding your lawn?" to "is your lawn saving water?" Suddenly, lawn enthusiasts could feel good about using fertilizers again. With the environmental halo of saving water, the DIY'ers returned to the big boxes, and sales went up for the first time in 5 years.

Broadcast used photosonics to capture water at a stunning 2500 frames per second.

Takeover banners, infographics and how-to articles got the message out to our lawn enthusiasts. 

High impact print featured headlines focused on your lawn's consumption issues. In-store and tradeshow displays brought Big-Box stores into the conversation.