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customized lawn care
custom lawn care
Challenge:  Scotts TurfBuilder is the fertilizer for DIY lawn fanatics. Unfortunately, bargain brands were beginning to eat into TurfBuilder's marketshare. We needed to generate PR and rebuild some customer loyalty for the brand.

Solution:  An online and in-store contest at Home Depot to win one of a limited set of "souped up" spreaders. Lawn care got a dose of adrenaline from custom car culture. And lawn enthusiasts could get a kick out of feeding their lawns.

Each of the custom spreaders was a thing of unique beauty. Models included The Hotrod, The Chopper, The Texan and more. Details like spinner hubcaps, cattle horns, and sideview mirrors made them one of a kind.

The microsite was designed for maximum ease of use. Minimal navigation. No scrolling. This way, it ported over to kiosk use with very few design changes.

The kiosks traveled to over 50 Home Depots that Spring. Thousands entered the contest. Everyone won (second prize was a $5 coupon off any bag of TurfBuilder).