speed adopting
speed adopting
Challenge:  The NYC branch of the ASPCA has an annual cat adoption drive. Every year, kittens move quickly... but older cats have a hard time finding a good "match".  The ASPCA needed to sell the personality of older cats, move the merchandise - quick, and do it on an extremely tight budget.

Solution:  ASPCA ASAP! Your perfect match was at the ASPCA right now, but if you don't act fast, they could get adopted by someone other than you. To accomplish this, we turned the ASPCA's Instagram channel into a speed dating site. Every post was for a specific cat available for adoption. In addition, we launched a guerrilla campaign in local neighborhoods.

20 illustrations with 5 color options for each, and 30 headlines with unique copy blocks meant every cat received a USP.

Fractional media in TimeOut NY, New York Magazine and The Daily News helped the push.

Prospects showed up at the ASPCA already knowing the specific cats they wanted to meet.