oneworld airline alliance
be one.
be one.
Challenge:  American Airlines and British Airways had built a global network along with 10 other regional carriers. The Oneworld Alliance needed a common global branding system, translatable everywhere, adaptable to any need. The brand had low awareness, with no understanding of its many benefits.

Solution:  One-ness. For world travelers, it's a sense of being in sync with everything around you. Visually, we used the logo in a whole new way - adopting iconography from the classic children's story "The Little Prince", our travelers sat atop their own worlds, riding in comfort and style.

The individual carriers' tail fins where used as a royal crest atop all executions. Visually, they represented an international calling card to the world traveler.

An online asset development library was built so carriers could create their own print ads, posters, digital assets and collateral - promoting the Alliance while simultaneously elevating their brand.

Customized trifold table toppers promoted frequent flier bonuses in Admiral clubs. Customized CRM templates offered promotional support for each of the carriers.

The Alliance has kept the campaign running for four years. Oneworld has grown, adding five more carriers to their network.