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creating IT titans
creating IT titans
Challenge:  People in IT have it rough. Overworked and under appreciated, they are tasked with keeping everything up and running smoothly... no matter what.  And few things are as challenging to IT as BYOD (bring your own device). Our insight? A little appreciation goes a long way.

Solution:  To promote their BYOD solutions, we suggested that CISCO celebrate their IT partners at the same time - and give some love to their resellers too. The "Titans of IT" campaign laser-targeted IT professionals and BDM leads, at every point in the decision-making process.

BYOD integration brings fear and postponement. So to get the ball rolling, we created a rich landing page to help at each step of the process.

To help bring customers and certified dealers together, the website featured a handy "find your reseller" page complete with certification listings and reviews.

Responsive emails - designed as mini-white papers to top line category facts - individually targeted BDMs, IT leads and CFOs.