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Challenge:  Lighting has become a commodity. Watts matter. Brand loyalty - largely - does not. Lucidity Lighting was developing lighting with the widest spectrum of well-being benefits along with optimum color fidelity, vibrancy, and brilliance. Our charge: motivate consumers to “switch to improve” rather than “wait to replace”.

 Brilli – short for brilliance. Our message: We’ve been turning on lights since light bulbs were invented. Now it’s time for light to return the favor. To turn on energy, focus and alertness. To turn on deep relaxation so you can sleep more soundly. Wake more rested. To turn off stress and light-induced eyestrain that causes headaches. 
STRATEGY | digital | outdoor | PACKAGINGl | VIDEO

Animated video explained the benefits with style and fun.

A bold Bauhaus design approach for the gift box let consumer know they were getting something special.

Our OOH in our 4 launch cities kicked the brand into high gear.